7 Quick Beauty Hacks Every Girl Must Know

7 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Must Know

Beauty hacks are what every girl needs in her life. The purpose of a hack is to make an easier or more creative us of what we already have. That is exactly the purpose of beauty hacks! Finding easier and creative ways to use make up products we already have. These hacks do not cost a thing and neither do you have to go out of your way to get these. Its all about making use of what you have. Here are the 7 beauty hacks we have for you to make your hair and make up looks effortless, without the effort!

Just try these simple beauty hacks..

1) The Sock Trick:

Do you want that flawless finish to your foundation but your beauty blender is nowhere to be seen and your brushes and fingers are simply not cooperating? Try our beauty hacks ! Take any of your sock and roll it inside out and use in place of a beauty blender. You may dampen it or use it as it is and blend your foundation. It works as perfect as a beauty blender giving the same finish.


2) The Scoth Tape trick:

Can you do the perfect cate eye? For those who cant, simply try one our beauty hacks called “the scotch tape trick”. Apply scotch tape to the corners of your eyes, upward direction of course, and do your eyeliner as you normally would. Voilaa!

3) The Simple Trick:

While applying foundation, we always tend to do the mistake of applying it on our forehead and jawling more and less in the center of our face which ends up looking like we are wearing a mask. Instead, try one of our beauty hacks. Apply foundation the centre of your face and blend outwards. This gives a more natural finish.

4) Baby Powder For a False Eye Lashes Look:

Apply baby powder in between your mascara application process to give yourself voluminous lashes.  Apply one coat of mascara and then dab on baby powder on to your finger and then on your lashes. Follow with a second coat of mascara and people will think you are wearing false lashes!

5) White Pencil:

Use white eye pencil on your water line rather than black. This makes your eyes appear bigger, brighter and instantly makes you look like you are wide awake. This is one of the simplest beauty hacks you need to keep in mind.


6) Try The Sunlight:

It is better to do your make up in sunlight rather than relying on the lighting in your room. This lighting in your room gives a different look to your make up whereas in the sunlight we can see what is not blended well, what looks odd etc.

7) Neck is a Better Option:

While you are purchasing foundation, try one of our beauty hacks. Check the shade that matches your neck more rather than your face. That is the right foundation shade for you because the skin on your face is different than the skin on the rest of your body due to sun exposure or acne. If you test foundation on your face, it would look quite odd and unnatural.

That’s it for now guys. We’ll be coming back with more Beauty Tips for you. Make sure you share Us.