7 Best Bicep Exercise You Must Never Ignore

7 Best Bicep Exercise You Must Never Ignore

Well every day I go to the Gym and see people flexing their arms uselessly with dumbbells and rods and they end up having really slow results. Well I’ve compiled up these Bicep Exercise that you can follow and see some quicker results and the peak in your Bicep that you always wanted.


7 really basic Bicep Exercise that you must follow.

1) Hammer curls:

Some of you might be aware of what hammer curls are but those who aren’t. Well you definitely need to try this simple Bicep Exercise. You need to stand up straight with Dumbbells, now don’t go all kamikaze on the weights just try to keep it average and curl the Dumbbell straight upward as show in the Picture. With this exercise you should be able to feel that extra stretch in your muscle.

Hammer Curls

2) Incline dumbbell curls:

Well most of you might think that duhh, it’s just a normal exercise but wait, I’ve seen most of the people ignore this Bicep Exercise. You guys should know that this is the most Basic exercise which can help you get that extra peak in your Muscle which you want. So yeah, Just incline the bench at 45’ and lie down on it and let your arms hang down and then curl the Dumbbells as shown.


3) Decline dumbbell curls:

You know what incline Dumbbell curl is, Well now it’s time you know that Decline dumbbell curl is also one the basic Bicep Exercises which you shouldn’t ignore. For this just keep the bench again at 45’ and lie down on it with your chest pressed and with your arms hanging and now slowly curl your arms upwards just like in the picture and this should give that extra contraction to your Muscle.


4) Cable Flex curls:

Well yes, It’s time to play with some cables too. Most of you have definitely seen some really good body builders try this Bicep Exercise but you never bothered to try it right? Well you were wrong. Cable Flex Curl is definitely the Mass Builder. Now what you need to do is just get on that Cable Machine and make the stance just as in Picture and Curls your arms inwards.


5) Cable Rope Hammer Curls:

This is personally my favorite Bicep Exercise. You should definitely try this one out. Just slide down one side of a Cable Machine and the Knobs on the Rope just as shown and Curl your arms as you’re lifting a Dumbbell. This should give you that extra squeeze in that Muscle.


6) Preacher Curl:

Your gym instructor might tell you this often too but I know people out there who always tend to ignore this exercise. This Bicep Exercise also helps you Build Mass. Just place your elbows on the Preacher and Curl the rod just as shown in the Picture.


7) Chin ups:

I might sound ridiculous but trust me. Chin ups can help you build that Mass you need on your arms if followed as shown in the Picture. There is no rocket science to this it is also just a basic Bicep Exercise which you shouldn’t be ignoring. Just follow the picture and you’re good to go.



That’s all for now. We will be returning with more tips for you guys.