7 Easy Tips To Help You Stay Fit

7 Easy Tips To Help You Stay Fit

What’s that you said? There are ways to stay fir besides the gym? Of course! Hitting the gym is not the only way in the whole world that makes you stay fit and not everyone has the time to hit the gym anyway. There is so much you can do yourself on a daily basis to keep yourself in good shape. There is always work at home or at the office that makes you sweat a little and those little tasks are actually good for you! They will help you in the long run as well.  Here we have little tips and tricks that if you follow, you wont be needing to hit the gym or go for long walks at night to keep the pounds off!

1) Indulge in house chores:

This is the easiest and best way to stay fit. There are way too many small things that you can do around the house which help us so much but we do not realize that. These are chores such as making your bed, arranging your closet, fixing up your dresser, moving around furniture and even watering your plants. These activities make use of every body part. They stretch your arms and back, require you to walk around a lot of stay standing for a little long, pick up load and go up and down the stairs. Obviously making you sweat and burn calories as well. You don’t realize but these chores are not less than a workout.


2) Always take the stairs:

At your workplace, school and even the mall, always take the stairs rather than the elevator. It gets your heart rate up increasing blood flow in the body as well. So don’t be one of those lazy people that say the stairs are not for them. Okay, maybe you’ll have to catch your breath for a minute or two but no harm done, right? So its all cool.

3) Watch your portions:

Dont always fill your plate. Follow the trick of eating off from a small plate and fill that up. Once you are done eating that and reach out for a second portion, your mind will trick you into thinking that you’ve already eaten a full plate and would be overeating if you take a second.

4) Your diet Matters:

Along with your portions, watch what you eat as well. Try to get rid of the junk food because it wont get you fit obviously. The ingredient in it turn in to fats immediately once they are in your body. Avoid sugar, greasy food, salty treats and soda’s. Eat vegetables everyday and cook them any way that you like. They will never be as greasy or unhealthy as junk food. Try our 7 Day Diet Plan.

5) Water Keeps You Fit:

I have said the once and I’ll say it again. Water is key! Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and drink 10-12 glasses everyday. It helps you function well, keeps you active and makes your skin great too! Here is how you can make drinking more water a habit.


6) Yoga Helps You Stay Fit:

Incorporate a few minutes of yoga into your daily routine to stay fit. Yoga helps because the different poses stretch the muscles in all of your body, help you get a great figure and the 10 minute meditation at the end really helps you get peace of mind.

7) Walk to your destination:

Always prefer walking to your destination rather than taking the subway or a cab. Walking is great. Do not underestimate walking! You’ll burn some calories and increase your stamina too.

That’s all for now guys. Check Fitness Tips for tips on how to stay fit n healthy. Share us if you like Us.