7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Organized And Clean

7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Organized And Clean

Ugh, how grossed out do you feel when your home is all messy? Or when you visit someone and their things are going all over the place? It might seem like a big chore, dedicating your time and moving here and there around the house cleaning up messy places but it is actually an essential part of life to clean and do chores no matter how small so that you have an organized home. But to keep your home organized and clean you have to put the effort and have a daily or weekly cleaning schedule that you follow.

You have us, luckily, to bring you the easiest and the best tips to follow to keep your home organized and clean. Now you wont be spending your time worrying, you’ll be organizing!


1) Counter tops to be kept clean:

To have an organized and clean home, always keep your counter tops clean. Whether it’s the counter tops in your kitchen or bathrooms, keep them clutter free. Do not place more than 3 items on them otherwise it will really give a messy look to the place. Once you are done with the kitchen work keep all items back in the cabinets or drawers cause that’s where they belong.

2) Walls:

Homes tend to look a lot bigger, classy and more organized and clean when the walls are not filled with paintings or any other art piece. Keep one or two items on your walls but those walls should be away from each other. Otherwise, when you have guests over it would look really stuffy with everything being in your face and the atmosphere would be quiet suffocating.


3) Cleaning schedule:

House chores can be fun sometimes. Its rewarding and relieving to see how your house looks like once you are done. You need to take out time and create a house cleaning schedule. Its upto you whether you do it daily by allotting specific times or whether you do it weekly and have specific days for each chore. Create a daily or weekly house cleaning schedule as well listing all the chores to be done. When you do effort like this, it definitely shows and you will have your house always looking clean and organized.


4) Put things away at once:

Make it a point to yourself to not leave clutter or any tiny task for later on. Do them as they come! Done with your food? Wash your dishes right away. Just came home? Don’t leave your coat lying around, take it to the closet right away and hang it. It would take you just as much time to do this, or probably even less, rather than when you leave it for later.


5) Categorize around the house:

To keep your home always clean and organized, learn to categorize all your household items. This is keeping things of the same category together. Just as you keep your plates and utensils in your kitchen cabinet and your food in your fridge, do it with the rest of the household items too. Like, keep all your technology items together, their charging cables in bag or a basket kept under your bed, your DVD collection or your book collection together. This will reduce the clutter by so much and not make the place look messy.


6) Organize your toiletries:

Of course you wont have enough shelf space to store your makeup and other toiletries. What you can do is store them in small baskets and keep in your shelves or store them in small clear bags and hang them!


7) Shoes:

When shoes are lying around the house, like in your bedroom or TV lounge, your house automatically looks not so organized and can give others the impression that you do not care about it. Get a wooden rack that is covered and once your shoes are off, put them in there.

That’s all folks.  We’ll be returning back with more Tips. Make sure you check out more Daily Life Tips and Self Development Tips.

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