7 Quick Tips On How To Make A Journal

7 Quick Tips On How To Make A Journal

Ever felt that there is no one who can understand what goes around in your head? Not even your best friend? There are times when we feel so lonely that we end up thinking that we should write a journal. It’s pretty much a diary about yourself, about what goes on in your head, what goes on around in your life, everything but most of fail to do so because we think it’s something very complicated and we end up preferring sitting alone and over think ourselves and screw our moods. Well you don’t need to do that anymore cause we’ve got this covered for you…

1) Set a time just for yourself:

Set a time in which you can focus only on yourself and write whatever keeps in your mind. Whatever thoughts are occupying your mind, write them all down and this will help you get the burden off that heavy heart of yours.


2) Just write away what you feel in the Journal:

Don’t care how people will react if they ever got their hands on it. It’s your journal and your thoughts so don’t care about people. Everyone if messed up in their own ways. Some people are just good at hiding it.


3) Don’t feel like writing then draw, color, paint or whatever:

Don’t feel like writing? Not a problem. Just sit down and draw, color or paint. Do whatever you think you can get yourself to do but make sure it better be a part of you journal. Drawing has been proven to be more effective in fixing moods too so if you are going through a bad mood, just grab a paper and a pencil and start drawing whatever comes to your mind. It will help you take your mind off things.


4) Make lists of things you want:

Write down your wish list and note down every single thing you every wanted or want. This will help you get motivated for life and you will see improvement in your attitude and you will see things from a really positive perspective.


5) Don’t feel like writing your day or drawing? Fiction Is always welcome:

What if you don’t feel like writing or drawing at all? Well there’s another thing you can go for and that is Fiction. You definitely want a fiction story about your day in your journal. Go for it..


6) Skip a day:

What is you feel a bit exhausted from everything and don’t feel like focusing on your journal?  Take a break. Skip a day. Go out, enjoy the nature. There’s all sorts of good stuff waiting for you to lay and eye on it but never skip more than two days. A very long break will take away your interest from your journal so watch out for it.


7) Write like you are talking to a best friend:

Write as if you’re talking to best friend. Make this flow your habit and routine. When you feel like you’re talking to a friend, you will write so much better. Everyone needs a best friend so why not make your journal your best friend. Who will stay with you 24/7 whenever you need it, it will be there for you. To listen to what you have to say, whether you had a good day or a bad day.

That’s it for now guys. We’ll be coming back with more Self Development Tips for you. Make sure you share Us.