7 Tips On Making Yourself Drink Water Everyday

7 Tips On Making Yourself Drink Water Everyday

We all are so busy in our every day routines that we forget that we don’t drink enough water and that makes our skin dry and cause other internal and external diseases. Today we’ll be telling you tips on how to drink water in your busy routine and stay healthy and hydrated throughout your day. Cause we all know, water makes up of 70% of our body but we keep on neglecting this fact and focus on being busy. Let’s start on the process of drinking more water shall we.

1) Take a sip of water before every meal:

Before you even start to enjoy your meal, Take a sip of water or drink a whole glass if you can. Water before meal helps you clean your stomach and give a signal to your stomach to engage for digestion. So make sure you keep this point in your mind when you have a meal.  Make sure you make all these tips your habit so you get used to it.


2) Drink water after every bathroom break:

We do go to the washroom either for No 1 or No 2 so makes sure after every time you are done with washroom, you drink water. This will restore the balance of water in your body that you just released.


3)  Flavored Water:

There are numerous flavored water bottles available in the market. Some also provide water that contain essential minerals and stuff. If you cant drink simple water, try drinking those. The flaor will make it easy for you to intake more water then you do of simple water.


4) Prefer water bottles over colas, sodas and other sugary drinks:

Drinking soft drinks and other sugary drinks every time you feel thirsty is not a good option. Prefer drinking water cause your thirst is a sign that your body needs water, not sugar. These sugary drinks lead to your body making a lot of fat and that’s the reason for that big tummy of yours.


5) Keep a track of glasses you drink per day:

I’ve seen smoker track record of their cigarettes so why cant you keep track of your water glasses per day? Make this your habit too. You will start to consider water as a really important part of your day and it will keep you motivated to stay by drinking lots and lots of water.


6) Prefer marked water bottles:

If you decide to keep a water with you, make sure it’s marked. You can actually know how much Liters water you drink everyday. I’ll prefer that people who work out follow this tip. This can be helpful to them in tracking their water intake in correspondence to their diet.


7) Eat fruits that have more amount of water:

Eat fruits that have more concentration of water. Watermelon and strawberries contain about 92 percent water per volume, Grapefruit with 91 percent. Fruits containing 87 percent water by weight include pineapple, cranberries, orange and raspberries. Make sure you nom onto these throughout your day.

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