Tips To Develope English Speaking Skills

7 Tips To Develope English Speaking Skills

English language in a widely spoken language and its that one language that connects us across borders. It has, without a doubt, made communication worldwide so easy. English is not everyone’s native language which means we are not that fluent. Most of us might hesitate in speaking in English causing us to not interact as often with others, feel left out on conversations, not express ourselves and cause us to become unsocial especially while working in a diverse workplace. There is no need to shy away from learning this language or taking steps to be better cause here are the easiest tips for you!

1) Do some grammar exercises:

There are plenty of grammar exercises over the internet. It will help you to make correct use of grammar and once you have your grammar skills done, you would feel more confident while speaking as well as in writing.


2) Enhance your vocabulary:

English speaking skills can be improved by enhancing your vocabulary and it is also the most effective way. The more words you have stocked up and understood, the more you would be able to participate in conversations. English will just automatically come to you.

3) Imitation:

This is imitating what you hear on the news, the radio or any show. You focus on the sentence, the meaning and the accent. It only involves listening and speaking out what you hear. This is something you can literally do anywhere!

4) Listen less, talk more:

Only listening and widening your vocabulary would not help you in speaking unless you speak as often as you can with anyone. Find ways that will make you talk more. Do this in front of a mirror and also work on body language so that you see yourself and feel more confident.


5) Read more:

Take on the habit of reading. This will give you immense confidence because you know what you are saying is books, magazines of your interest and read English news headlines every morning on TV.

6) Record yourself speaking English:

If you actually record yourself while you are speaking, you would be able to identify how you sound, how your pronunciations of words are and compare them and what sentences do not sound right to you. This may be very difficult to do because admit it, no one likes hearing themselves over recording but it is an important step. If it will help you, then why not?

7) Keep friends who speak English:

It is quite obvious that if you keep friends who speak the same native language as you, there is no way you would be conversing with them in any other language. Keep a few friends who don’t speak the same language as you, preferably those that have English as their native language. As you converse with them, you will pick up on things from them and gradually your confidence level would increase. There would be no hesitation while speaking.

That’s it for now guys. We’ll be coming back with more Self Development Tips for you. Make sure you share Us.