7 Tips To Achieve Longer And Better Hair

7 tips on how to get longer and better hair

We all have a long wish list of what we wish to achieve in life and as a grown woman in the 21st century I can, without a doubt say, girls just want longer and better hair! Whether we want it longer, shinier, more volumized, we all wish we could have straight-from-the-salon looking hair everyday. Hair is 70% of your outfit. If your hair isn’t looking good, you aren’t feeling good. A bad hair day for me is a bad day overall and as is with the rest if you too. We all want the good looking longer and better hair we see in magazines or the woman we all know with a perfect blow dry every time you meet her, don’t we? But truth be told, our chaotic lives is one of the reasons why we are unable to take care of our hair on a regular basis and resort to salons opting for their pricey treatments. These harm your wallet, consume your time and are not long lasting as such leaving us more disheartened. Why not pick up on easy every day habits that will make an instant difference? Here we have tips and secrets for you on how you can get longer and better hair, all in the comfort of your own home

1) Oiling to get better hair:

Making it a habit of oiling your hair would show you the difference in just one time and you will be a step close to get longer and better hair. Oil is said to be the food of your hair and doing this on a regular basis is the key to shinier and healthier hair. It not only makes your hair look good from the outside but gives it the nourishment it needs on the inside as well. They promote hair growth, seal the cuticles down preventing split ends and the fatty acids fix thinning hair. Coconut oil and jojoba oil are great for dry hair as they are heavier than the rest of the oils.


2) Your shower routine affects your hair:

We don’t think about this much but our shower routine has a great impact on our hair. Most of us spend over 25 minutes in the shower which is actually damaging to our hair. To avoid this, use a shower cap to cover your head after your shampoo. Also, avoid the use of hot water to rinse your hair as excessive heat kills the volume in our hair leaving flat roots. Most importantly, while purchasing shampoo and conditioners make sure you purchase ones without Sulphur as they are the most damaging ingredient. This simple routine can definitely help you get longer and better hair.


3) Regular trims:

We all suffer from split ends which leave our hair looking dead and dry at the end and are quite prominent. The easiest solution is to chop them off regularly which most girls are reluctant to do. They let their hair grow out till they have 4-5 inches of split ends showing that convinces them for a hair trim! WRONG! Save yourself from that and get your hair chopped off and go regularly. Regular trims are proven to result in longer and better hair.


4) Your diet and vitamins:

Having good hair doesn’t only come from expensive shampoos and fancy hair treatments at the salon. They come from what you feed it. What you eat affects your hair as well. Store up on certain nutrients like iron and zinc which are good for the hair and are found in lentils, oranges, soybeans and lean red meat. You may be trying the most you can with your diet but you might be lacking on your vitamins as well. It is important to take a multivitamin and calcium tablet or a 1000 IU vitamin D tablet to aid in longer and better hair.


5) Over washing:

We tend to wash our hair everyday or every other day which is causing it to be stripped of the natural oils. These oils are the best conditioners for our hair. Washing your hair regularly also causes a vicious cycle to be formed of overproduction of oil, causing you to wash more. It is required of us to wash 2 to 3 times a week and not more for healthy looking longer and better hair.


6) Home remedies for better hair:

We underestimate home remedies a lot. There are so many out there for different types of hair and all ingredient required are right in your kitchen. For remedies and instructions, Click Here.


7) Styling tips to get longer and better hair:

We all are victims to this and style our hair every day. As impossible as this sounds, avoid using heat! Only style when you really need to. We often style while we are in a rush and damage them even more. To get longer and better hair, try to blow dry using the lowest heat setting as this does not damage much. Also, apply heat protectants before styling because this protects hair from the heat.

I Hope this really helps you guys get Longer and Better Hair. We’ll be coming back with more Beauty Tips for you. Make sure to check our Self Development section for tips on how to improve yourself. Share this if you find this useful.