7 Tips To Help You Sleep Better

7 Tips To help You Sleep Better

Sleep is a vital part of our lives and most of us are unable to function properly without getting our proper sleep. Who do we even need sleep? Cause our bodies need it. Without it we cant think or work as efficiently. It not only increases our energy levels, productivity, improves our mood but most importantly it improves the health of our heart and gives us a longer life. But I know that due to stress and workload most of us have a hard time falling asleep and we don’t sleep for more than 5 hour a night. Staying up till 4-5 am has become the norm and that is honestly alarming. We have these easy steps for you that will help you fall asleep in no time and you will be getting the sleep your body needs

1) Wake up and sleep at the same time every day:

Experts say that if there’s one thing that would fix your sleep schedule, this would be it. Even on weekends, when you wake up and sleep at the same time everyday, your biological clock changes and is kept steady helping you to sleep better.


2) Exercise improves sleep:

Working out greatly improves the quality and length of your sleep and has been proven. This is because during exercise, your body heats up and with time, within 4 hours at least, it begins to start cooling down. As it cools down, your brain releases sleep inducing melatonin which causes you to become drowsy. So if you want better sleep, exercise regularly and mainly 4-5 hours before your bed time.

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3) Caffeine prevents sleep:

Caffeinated drinks prevents you from sleeping as they contain a stimulant that stays in your body for 6-8 hours. It may be alright in the morning but not in the afternoon if you want a good sleep at night. Therefore, avoid tea, coffee and coke


4) Wind down before you sleep:

You need to slowly prepare and signal your body that it is time to sleep. Start winding down an hour before your bed time with activites like setting out clothes for the next day, brushing your teeth and moisturizing your body. This signals your body to move from the daytime to the night time.


5) No electronics:

We all are guilty of this. We all religiously check our social media accounts before sleeping and that can go on for more than an hour. Avoid using any electronics such as watching TV, using your laptop and cellphone before sleeping.


6) Sleep inducing scents:

If you have a hard time sleeping ever after trying out every tip there is on the planet, try sleep inducing scents. Certain scents activate relaxation and sleep. Spray these in your room or on your sheets before sleeping. These include scents like lavender and chomomille.


7) Darker the room, better the sleep:

Any source of light can signal your brain to stay awake. This is because upon seeing light, your brain delays releasing sleep promoting melatonin causing you to stay awake. Keep your room dark to get better sleep

Darker room, better Sleep

That’s all folks.  We’ll be returning back with more Tips. Make sure you check out more Daily Life Tips.

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