7 Ways An Average Student Can Earn Money

7 Ways an Average Student Can Earn Money

There are many times I came across some of my fellow students asking me if there is a way they can Earn Money just so they can pay for themselves and not let their parents be bothered about it. Our youth is so fed up of this phrase that this in return becomes a motivational speech for them so I took out time to compile some ways by which almost every  student can Earn Money.

After some research and from my personal experience, These are some way that can be helpful to Earn Money


1) Photography:

Oh you bet, So many people are out there who have adopted Photography as a Profession and are earning a handsome amount of money from just Pressing a button and Here is how you can. I know most people think of it as a really really hard skill to learn but trust me. When you decide to opt for it, it’s not that hard at all. Every other person owns a Dslr camera now a days so why not utilize it to Earn Money and cover up your expenses right guys ?


2) Content Writing:

Some of you might have heard of this term before but you might not know that Content Writing is the best Online Skill out there in the market now a days and you should definitely learn how to do that by checking it out Here Earn Money, I mean look at me. If you have a mind that is creative enough, just go for this skill right away.  Go to Freelancer and make and account and just write write write and earn earn earn…


3) Property Dealing:

This might sound crazy but trust me I myself have tried this and I know so many of my friends who are working as property dealers and they are so successful that they already have a lifestyle of their own. You might question me how can a student possibly be handling such type of a business. Well the answer to your question is PR my fellows. Utilize your PR, your Links. Trust me so many people would count on you for getting their job done when it comes to this. Now is the time you catch with the people you were ignoring all this time and start to Earn Money for yourself. Think of it as your part time work. You don’t have to sit in an office, this is 21st Century guys and yes you got it right. Cell Phones !!


4) Web Developing:

Yes! Web development is another highly demanding and paying Online Skill. Trust me if you learn this skill, you can definitely make a fortune out of it. I know so many people who are web developers and are earning a living out of it and they serve as a role model for me too. This isn’t some rocket science trust me. There are a million free courses and video tutorials on google that you can learn all of this just by sitting on your laptop. I Highly recommend that you learn this skill and Earn Money.


5) Online Selling:

Online Selling has been adopted as the modern way to Earn Money online. I see so many people selling T shirts, Auto Spare Parts, Men/Women accessories etc etc online and believe it or not they are earning a really decent amount of money from it. This isn’t even that hard you know. Facebook, twitter, Instagram can help you guys big time in achieving this one. You just need to pick up the Product that you think you can get cheaper than the market but than then again, all comes down to your PR and Links.


6) Affiliate Marketing:

I bet you haven’t heard this term before.  This is the one I have also tried personally and trust me the results are amazing and I still continue to carry on with this work. You can do Affiliate marketing such as sell ClickBank products, Promote CPA(Cost Per Action) Offers. There is a bunch of stuff like that out there that you can promote online and Earn Money from home.


7) Social Media Expert:

Almost everyone uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram these days, but did you know that many companies will pay people to help them manage their social media accounts and sometimes even part-time from home? Well yes, this is a way to Earn Money just by sitting home with your so much time spending on these social sites. Click Here to find out how, So why not take advantage right ? Try these sites like Upwork,  PaidSocialMediaJobs you will definitely find something you can relate to.

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  • Great tips on how to make money. Some of the ways I have made money is by watching the free adds on Craigslist. I once got a pickup truck full of books from someones’ library. He had gotten ill and just wanted to get rid of some clutter. I ended up listing them on Amazon and making a couple grand from them.

    My absolute favorite way to make money online has been through what my wife and I do full time. I no longer have to work construction to support my wife and four children. Instead we both spend all our time at home working our business together. MY wife started the business as a stay at home mom while raising the four kids. We now make over 200,000.00 combined annually!!! Check out her Facebook!!! If your curious then connect with us. We aren’t shy. https://www.facebook.com/clairebritaniflores