7 Tips To Look Good In Photos

7 Tips To Take Good Photos

Everyone is always taking photo’s of themselves or one another at every single occasion. Its become like a must thing to have a picture or two to remember the occasion or even a simple night out with friends or family. We all love taking photo’s and always ask one another ‘omg show me a picture’ while talking about almost anything. But what we don’t like is looking back on pictures and cringing at how we look like and obsess over everything that’s wrong in the picture! You’ll be glad to know that you can change up a little things to make your pictures come about better. You don’t have to necessarily be photogenic or expect to look like a model in the photo’s but everyone wants good photos of themselves right?

We have these easy tips for you which will let you take good photos, whether you are taking one of yourself or of another person!

1) Your angles:

In order to take good in photos, you should try out different poses and know what angles work best for you. Try to avoid standing still for a picture because that is not really flattering. It seems like you have been forced to stand for the picture. Try different poses like bending a leg, crossing your legs while sitting or a placing a hand on your hip. Whichever one makes you look more flattering, that’s your angle.


2) What you are wearing:

You have to be careful of what you are wearing because that is the most noticeable part of  good photos. If you are wearing something that it too tight, big no. if you are wearing something too loose, also big no. Find clothes that ‘just fit’ and complement your body shape. You don’t want to be cringing when you see yourself.


3) Make up and hair:

Ladies, if you do little touches here and there on your face and style your hair, it would go a long long way in making you look good in photos. Put on some color on your lips and cheeks, make your lashes more prominent with mascara, make your eyes look bigger with eyeliner and curl up your hair a little.


4) Lighting:

Good lighting is key! Avoid lighting that makes dark shadows appear on your face. Move around the location to find good lighting. Sunlight is the best type of lighting and makes anyone look happy and flattering. Avoid using flash if it is not needed because it tends to make your face and hair look greasy.


5) Take lots of photos:

If you want to have a photo’s where you look good, don’t just take one. Take lots and lots in different poses and with different expressions. You will never get it right on the first take, like, even models don’t get it right on the first take! Take lots and from there on you can keep the ones where you like how you look.


6) Smile:

Always have a warm smile on your face to look good in photo’s. you don’t need to have such a wide smile that makes your face looks bigger. To get the perfect smile for the photo, think of a good memory or a loved one and watch your most natural smile appear by itself.

7) Keep an accessory:

To make sure all the attention is not only on you and is on the other things around you, have a prop or an accessory with you. You can pose while holding your drink or while holding your bag. Have some jewellery on you so you like you have dressed up!

That’s all folks.  We’ll be returning back with more Tips. Make sure you check out more Daily Life Tips.

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