7 Cruelty Free Makeup Brands


This is the ugly side of the makeup industry- animal testing. There are a few cruelty free makeup brands available all around but it is sad that most of the makeup we put on our face do not belong to cruelty free makeup brands. There are two types of testing when it comes to makeup. The first one is when brands test their finished and complete products on animals and the second type is when brands purchase their ingredients from suppliers that test on animals. This plain unfair because what do animals even have to do with makeup?  Thankfully there are some brands that are cruelty free when it comes to both their ingredients and their final products. We have them for you right below so that you don’t go through the trouble of looking through different cosmetic stores. Keep an eye out for the cruelty free makeup brands below  and upgrade your makeup the right way


1) Credo beauty:

This is a certified cruelty free makeup brand. Their makeup line is free, organic and all natural ingredients from farms in New Zealand. This company does not compromise on work ethics and on providing sustainable, safe and natural products. It always donates a portion of its earnings to The Lipstick Angels who bring smiles to very ill patients in various hospitals. How cute is that?


2) 100% Pure:

The name says it all! This is the most amazing cruelty free brand. Its sole aim is to provide an all organic and all natural line of products. Its product ranges from makeup, other beauty products and skincare. It has vegan cosmetics as well and that’s a new thing im hearing! Its ingredients include vitamins, various essential oils  and antioxidants.

3) Sonia Kashuk:

Sonia Kashuk takes cruelty free business seriously! They have a strict cruelty free policy and they are completely against harming animals or testing on them. They have makeup mostly which is made from the highest quality ingredients out there.

4) Physicians formula:

This is the top leader in cruelty free makeup brands. Not only do they not test on animals but the plus side of their makeup is that they are made from organic ingredients. They are fragrance free, gluten free and there`is also no use of paraben or testing on animals. The products are all dermatologically approved!


5) LUSH cosmetics:

This cruelty free makeup brand believes in dealing with suppliers that do not test on aniamsl. They have a wide range of eye colours and lip shades. They are surprisingly made of organic fruit, vegetables and essential oils that are beneficial for the skin.


6) Ecco Bella:

I had a couple of products from this brand in the past and I would say they have better quality than the other high end brands out there however back then I wasn’t aware of their cruelty free policy. Their makeup line is absolutely free from any kind of toxins or chemicals. Since I have very dry skin the products were very hydrating for my skin. I’ll definitely be getting more Ecco Bella products when I come across them!

7) ELF:

Lucky me, I’ve had the chance to use makeup from ELF as well. This brand is so affordable as compared to others and have everything in their cosmetic line. They are totally totally totally a cruelty free brand.  Also, some of their proceeds goes to support PETA!

That’s all for now guys. We’ll be coming back with more Do It Yourself Beauty Tips for you. Make sure to share Us.