Easy Ways To Deal With Dry Skin

7 Easy Ways To Deal With Dry Skin

Dry skin is an issue with many of us during the winter season. This includes dry skin not only on the face but all around your body such as your hands, around your elbows and knees and also your feet. Dryness further causes itchy skin and sensitive skin. There are some of us who suffer from dry, itchy skin throughout the year. The reason why we have dry skin is because our skin is not able to retain moisture because of our habits, the climate we live in and due to dehydration. We have these easy tips for you, which when followed, will leave you with no such problem as dry skin.

1) Keep your skin moisturized:

The use of a good moisturizer would help retain the moisture in your skin over time as it rehydrates the top layers of your skin. The best moisturizers for dry skin out there would be ones that are heavy and greasy as this type of skin needs extra extra moisture. If you have such skin, the best moisturizers for you would be glycerin, petroleum jelly and mineral oil. Rub these on the dry parts of your body and massage well.


2) Home remedies For Dry Skin:

You may try some easy home remedies as well that would combat your problem of dry skin. These remedies would be including ingredients such as coconut oil, homemade cream and also milk. See this article for more on Homemade Remedies.


3) Shower routine:

Your shower routine can also be adding up to your skin getting dry. The more time you spend under the water, the more you are stripping your body of the essential oils that nourish your skin, causing it to become more sensitive and dry. Limit your time in the shower to only 10-12 minutes, especially in the winter, and if you can do NOT use hot water as that is even more damaging.


4) Sunscreen:

Get your hands on a heavy sunscreen that includes mineral oil so that your skin is protected and moisturized the entire day. The sun causes harm to the outer layers of the skin so make sure you apply and reapply sunscreen throughout the day.


5) Water Helps In Dry Skin:

When your water intake is not sufficient, it shows on your skin by getting dry and flaky patches. So it is very important that you stay hydrated and chug down more than 8 glasses of water a day as that will greatly help your skin in retaining the moisture that it needs, keeping dry skin away. Follow these tips to drink more water daily.


6) Stop use of scented products:

The products that have scents in them such as soaps, detergents and body washes need to be avoided as they make your skin drier. This is because they contain alcohol, retinoid and fragrance which strips off oils. Avoid use of these.


7) Diet:

There are certain vitamins you need to add in your diet if you want to heal your dry skin. Such vitamins are vitamin A which you find mainly in fruits such as spinach, kale and carrots. Vitamin C is needed as it protects cells from getting damaged and therefore helps your skin recover. Check our 7 Day Diet Plan.

That’s it for now guys. We’ll be coming back with more Beauty Tips for you. Make sure you share Us.