What is the Follicular Extraction Method? This is another technique that involves taking the follicular units one at a time from the back of the head and Insert into the slots at the recipient region, as in the conventional technique. This approach eliminates the long scar of the classic method, replacing it with a multitude of small punctiform scars that go almost unnoticed. The major disadvantages of this more complex technique are the prolonged duration of the surgery and the increased number of surgical assistants, which has an impact on significantly higher fees. Moreover, the results are unpredictable and it is difficult to guarantee the complete regrowth of the grafts.

Is special care after the transplant? 

 Apart from a few instructions in the days following the surgery, there is no particular care to be given to the usual maintenance of the hair. Read about some awesome good hair transplant techniques.


Are dyes, permanents, caps, frequent hair washing aggravate baldness? 

These habits harm the health of the hair which become more brittle and dull, but do not fall off, since baldness is an hereditary and genetic manifestation.


Can baldness be delayed?

 Yes, there are two drugs on the market that have this property:

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine), available without a prescription, is a lotion that must be applied twice a day on the scalp.


  • Finasteride (Propecia), which must be prescribed by a doctor, is a tablet that should be taken once a day.

Are these drugs really effective and how long should they be used? 

They are effective in that they are used rigorously every day, without interruption, and this for the whole of life or, at least, as long as one does not want baldness to worsen. When these drugs are discontinued, the protection they provide gradually disappears, and baldness re-establishes. It should be noted that in a small percentage of patients (on the order of about 15% for finasteride, for example) there will be no results.