How To Beat Summer Heat Naturally

7 Ways On How To Beat Summer Heat Naturally

Okay guys, Today we are going to talk about how to beat summer heat naturally. Summer is back since a while now with all its might and it has gotten all of us drowning in sweat.  Its disrupting every activity of ours cause all we do  is wipe off the sweat over and over again. Sweating is annoying because it makes us feel sticky, dirty and smelly! Summer restricts us to staying indoors mostly under our air conditioners. The heat causes us to be moody and unproductive and we resort to just the air conditioner and think it is the only way to keep cool but you are so wrong. There are a couple of tips and tricks on how to beat summer heat naturally, without emptying your wallet because of the electricity bill!

1) Start spritzing, it helps you in learning how to beat summer heat naturally:

Spritzing refers to spraying something on your face. It is the easiest way that how to beat summer heat naturally. Make simple peppermint tea and cool that down before you pour it in a spray bottle. Whenever you are out and about, spritz some on your face and feel the cooling effect and the scent makes you smell good instantly. You can carry this around anywhere and everywhere!


2) Keep appliances off:

We have appliances around the house like irons, microwaves, laptops and even fluorescent lights. These tend to give off heat and add up in the air. When they are not in use, make sure they are kept off. It’ll not only help you in how to beat summer heat naturally but also reduce your electricity bill by a lot.


3) Blinds and curtains:

Keep in mind about blinds and curtains because they play roles in how to keep the house cool and we don’t even know it! All you have to do about how to beat summer heat naturally is that keep in mind, during the day, keep your blinds closed to keep out sunlight and open your windows at night for some ventilation and cooler air. Get thin and light curtains during the summer because heavy material curtains tend to absorb heat.


4) Food:

We always reach out for lighter and colder food during the summer like salads, iced tea’s and popsicles. Since they are cold food, they keep our body naturally cooler and digest faster. Opt for food that digests  easier because if you always eat heavy food, the digestion process will make you uneasy. This is one of the most important ways on how to beat summer heat naturally.


5) Hydration:

You have to keep your body hydrated in order learn how to beat summer heat naturally. Don’t just drink water to stay hydrated! There are many other options during the summer like watermelon, lemonades and fruit smoothies. Since you cannot avoid sweating completely, you need to make up for the lost moisture by keeping yourself hydrated.


6) Your DIY air conditioner:

Yes! You can make your own air conditioner by using just 3 items and you can place this anywhere in your house. Its not heavy, not rocket science and saves you all those dollars! You need a standing fan, some ice and plastic sheet. Adjust the height of the standing fan and place the ice on a table or any place with a plastic sheet under it. As the fan blows, the air will be cooler and you wont even need an air conditioner the entire summer, hopefully!


7) Pressure points:

There are certain pressure points in our body such the ankles, wrists, behind the knees and the nape of our neck. If you feel hot and are beginning to sweat, apply ice cold water bottles to these pressure points and you will feel much cooler and would have learn how to beat summer heat naturally.

That’s all folks.  We’ll be returning back with more Tips. Make sure you check out more Daily Life Tips.

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