7 Easy Quick Tips To Get Clearer Skin

7 Easy Quick Tips To Get Clearer Skin

It is every girls dream to achieve clearer glowing and radiant glowing skin, but they also don’t want to work for it. Achieveing clearer skin seems like a big task to many but it is not really rocket science! The issue we all have is acne and as a girl, honestly that is the last thing you want to have. Acne is painful. It is embarrassing. Working for clearer skin is not that hard of task. All it requires of you is to be careful of some of the ways you go about your day  and just take out 5-10 minutes dedicated to your skin. Thankfully, there are plenty you can do that your skin will thank you for and we have that for you right here.

1) Exercise keeps skin clearer:

Exercising regularly is important to keep yourself healthy and fit and alongside that, it helps you clear up your skin. When we sweat during exercise, that is all of the toxins leaving our body. There is an increase I blood circulation and results in a clearer skin. Exercise daily for around 45 minutes or at least 5 times a week and watch your skin change.


2) Water:

Do not underestimate water. Water is the key to clearer skin. By drinking alot of water, you are clearing up your inner system and flushing it all out which will immediately show on your skin. If your body feels that it is dehydrated it will cause acne and patches on your face as the skin tries to over compensate and produces more oil. Therefore you must keep yourself hydrated. Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily.

3) Visit a dermatologist:

This is the most important step when it comes to achieving clearer skin. As someone who has suffered from chronic acne in the past, seeing your dermatologist every 4-6 months is extremely important. Of course, more than anyone else, only they know the solution to all of your skin problems. Do not hesitate to discuss every problem, no matter how small, because the earlier you go the easier it will be to fix that. The most they’ll do is give you a facewash, acne treatment cream and keep you on a tablet course. Just by using these for a months or two, they will do wonders for you to get a clearer skin.

4) Exfoliation Helps With A Clearer Skin:

Take on the habit of exfoliating your skin twice a week at least. What this does is it removes all the dirt that is stored in your pores and removes dead skin from the surface leaving you with clearer and radiant skin ready to be shown off.

5) Have a fixed skin care routine:

You MUST dedicate time to your skin and provide it with the care it needs. This is to be done in the morning and at night before you sleep. Have a skincare routine, stick to it and update it from time to time. It basically includes a facewash, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen and make up remover. For a more detailed article on basic skincare routine, see This.


6) Protection from the sun:

By being constantly exposed in the sun, we are not doing our skin a favor obviously. But we can avoid going out in the sun forever either. So whenever we need to, we should wear a sunscreen. Try getting one from your dermatologist and not buy one randomly from a drugstore.

7) Diet:

This is also very important when it comes to getting the skin you want. What you eat definetly shows on your skin. You have to be careful of what you are munching on. Junk food and sugar will do you no good. They will only increase the production of oil causing breakouts and leave your face looking dull. Avoid eating from outside as well. Home cooked food is much healthier and not as greasy either. Opt for vegetables and fruits and munch on them all day long. You wont be feeling so hungry and your skin will change noticeably in a matter of days. Check our 7 Day Diet Plan.

That’s it for now guys. We’ll be coming back with more Beauty Tips for you. Make sure you share Us.