7 Day Diet Plan On How To Lose Weight

7 Day Diet Plan On How To Lose Weight

Okay guys so today I’ll be talking about a 7 day diet plan what will help you lose weight. This weight loss plan has been proven to be really effective because I myself have tried this one and it gave me amazing results so I thought of sharing this with you guys. What this diet plan is about is that for 7 days you need to follow a simple diet comprising of fruits and veggies. Yes, they can help you lose weight. Most people go on hunger strikes and think they’ll lose weight, which, of course is very wrong of them to do cause that only results in more fat. The more idle your stomach is, the more fat it processes so let’s get right to it.

Day 1 – Only fruits Can Help You Lose Weight:

On Day 1 what you need to do is that cut your diet to only fruits. Nom onto any fruits that you can get your hands on. Don’t stack em up all at once. Divide your meals to upto 20 times a day. Eat less but make sure you don’t leave your stomach empty. This will surely help you lose weight. Keep eating but don’t over eat. Your stomach wont be able to digest so much all of a sudden cause it isn’t used to all the time eating, Unless you’re a foody.

Day 2 – All vegetables including boiled potatoes:

Day 2. Most of you non vegetarians will be having a problem with this day but trust me this is for your own good. Think of the good that’s coming to you. Yes! You’re about to lose weight fellas, So sacrifice this for it. You need to eat boiled vegetables. Start your day with a boiled potato and some butter. This will give your day a jump start. Also prepare a salad which you will be eating throughout the day and keep eating fresh boiled veggies. Eat raw tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce etc. You must at least drink 10 glasses of water throughout your day. Water helps you remove that extra fat from your body.


Day 3 – Fruits and vegetables:

Cheers, you made it to day three but still you’ll have to bear with the veggie eating again to lose weight. On Day 3 you will have to eat fruits and vegetables. Try making a salad for each of them. Chop down fruits into little pieces and mix them and eat them, same is the case with vegetables. Don’t miss on boiled potatoes again and you definitely wouldn’t want to die of thirst at the end of the day so it’s 10 glasses a day again.


Day 4 – Bananas and milk:

Let’s add milk to your diet now. Your bones need calcium too yunnoo. On day 4, You need to eat only bananas. Yumm bananas are sweet and rich in fibre. Eat two bananas and a glass of warm milk when you wake up and then throughout your day focus on eating bananas and you must drink at least 4 glasses of milk. DON’T forget to drink your water. Water helps to lose weight.


Day 5 – Tomatoes, chicken/fish or tofu:

Ahh after seeing the word chicken, most of you would be relieved now. On Day 5 you need to add chicken to your diet. Don’t go running to KFC. You need to boil the chicken and add a bit of pepper n salt to it and eat that. You’ll also be eating raw tomatoes with the chicken or Fish for Fish lovers. You can also go for Tofu if you feel like it but just make sure you eat any of those three with tomatoes and again, 10 glasses of water is a must.

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Day 6 – Tomatoes, chicken, fish or tofu:

Same Diet for Day 6 too. Trust me you’ll definitely feel you body getting lighter by now. You MUST eat Tomatoes, Chicken, Fish and Tofu. All 4 divided into small meals throughout the day. This definitely helps to lose weight.

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Day 7 – Fruits, vegetables and brown rice:

Ahhh Final Day. It’s time to add some brown rice to your diet too and back to Fruits and Veggies. I would suggest you guys to make a salad again and eat that with brown rice. Just boil the rice, no extra spices or anything okay? Now as this will the last day of your diet so make sure you drink lots of water cause what do we know about water? Yesss, it helps you lose weight.


If you guys find it helpful, repeat the cycle again for another week and that should help you lose more weight. Check Fitness Tips for tips on how to stay fit n healthy. Share us if you like Us.