How To Memorize Things 10 Times Faster

How To Memorize Things 10 Times Faster

Okay Guys so today we’ll talk about how to memorize things 10 times faster. Whether it is something you read or whether you’re preparing for and exam. Now before I start telling you what is the real deal about how to memorize things. I would first talk about the different things people do when they have to memorize to something.

First is, People read the word or the sentence a million times to memorize it. They do succeed but that memory is temporary. You see, your mind has two types of memories called Short term memory and long term memory.

Short term memory:  is also called your working memory. This memory is weak because it keeps the information in it for a certain time period just like a computers RAM. So putting information in your short term memory wont be wise. This is not how you memorize things to stay in your head for long.


Let’s talk about Long term memory. What is long term memory?

Long term memory:   is the permanent memory of your brain. You still remember you did something years ago because that is stored in your long term memory. So that is where you need to get your information into. Long term is the memory where information stays forever and how do you do that? Well that’s what I’m going to tell you today.

Now all of you do remember going on a trip when you were a kid. You remember the places you went. But do you remember exactly what chit chat was going at that time? The answer is No.

There are two ways on how to humans memorize things into our memories. Which is Verbally and Visually. We talked about how we memorize stuff verbally so it’s time we talk about visual stuff which is going to be your key to in learning how to memorize things in your long term memory, keep reading…


Picturing something has been proven to be the best way to memorize things because there are more chances of that memory going straight into your long term memory.

You might remember where your friend took you last week but you might not remember what you guys talked.  I will tell you how to do this.

Whenever you have to memorize something. Just make a scene out of it.

Let’s suppose you’re studying for your exam and you’re memorizing how white blood cells and red blood cells work. Yup, it’s time to go inside your veins. Imagine all of what you are reading. The behavior of cells etc. This will help you memorize what white blood and red blood cells are and how they make up our body and how they work.

Another #ProTips: I use music when I have to solve any mathematics question. It helps my mind to stay active and perform well.


That’s all folks.  We’ll be returning back with more Tips. Make sure you check out more Daily Life Tips and Self Development Tips.

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