How To Promote Cpa Offers Without A Website

How to promote Cpa offers without a website

Okay guys so today I’ll be telling you about how to promote Cpa offers without a website. There are some white hat ways and some black hat ways and some of them are free and some require investment. I have been in the field of promoting Cpa offers for more than 3 years now and there isn’t any way that I haven’t tried on how to promote Cpa offers without website because I personally never set up a website to promote Cpa offers. I always considered it a hassle and I know most of the newbies getting into promoting Cpa offers , think the same way too.

Now what you need to know is that there is a difference between clickbank and Cpa (Cost Per Action). Cpa offers might seem to be easy as compared to clickbank but it isn’t that easy as you think it might be. You have to just experiment a lot in order to find that one perfect Cpa offer that you think you can promote the best. Well luckily I have some ways on how to promote Cpa offers and that too without a website. Let’s get to it without further delay..


#1 Google AdWords:

How to promote Cpa offers without a website

Google Adwords is a white hat, paid way to promote Cpa offers without a website, but with that too you have to be careful and not just show all your cards to google. No search engine allows you to promote Cpa offers links that openly. So what you need to do is, You need to set up a proper campaign. Now how to do that? Well I will explain a bit on how you can set up a campaign and how to promote cpa offer without a website. You need to follow these 2 simple steps

  • Buy a Domain:

                        You will have to buy a domain that you think is similar to your Cpa offer. Let’s say you’re promoting Pay Day Loans, so your Domain should be something like www. InstantApprovalLoansNetwork .com etc. You get the idea right? Here’s a Protip for you so you don’t have to buy a new domain every time you set up a campaign. Buy a domain that is relevant to every Cpa offer. For Example you can buy a domain like www. ipromarketing. com and like that. It’s all about how much experimenting you do with it. You will learn and learn.

  •  Set Up a Redirect:

                          Now you got a domain so the next step is to redirect your domain to your Cpa offer. What this will do is that it will redirect anyone who clicks on your domain, straight to your Cpa offers. Now why we bought a domain? Cause as I mentioned before. You cant directly promote your CPA offers.

Now after these 2 simple steps, you have your campaign ready. Now is the time for you to choose how much you wanna spend but let me tell you this that if you go on spending money without understanding how Google Adwords work, you will end up empty pockets in no time cause it can get very expensive and you may not be able to earn a dime and lose what you have. So make sure you research properly and that is one of the ways on how to promote Cpa offer without a website.

#2 Social Media:

How to promote Cpa offers without a website

Social media is probably the best free way to promote your CPA offers without a website but what you have to do is that yet again, keep In mind that you have to cover your Cpa tracks by hiding your offer link with a Domain. Now we have discussed that earlier so you know what to do. I’ll be highlighting facebook because I have worked on facebook a lot when it comes to how to promote Cpa offers without website. Now I’ll again break this into steps so you know what to do exactly.

  • Build A Facebook Page:

                                The first thing you need to do is that build a facebook page. This depends totally upon you that whether you would like to build one for free and get likes and engaging audience or would you rather purchase a page that seems relating to your Cpa offers niche. If you’re willing to spend money in this too then I’ll suggest you to build a facebook page with the help of paid promotions. That will get you laser targeted audience that is interesting in what Cpa offer you’re promoting. Whether it be Loans, health supplements, coupons or whatsoever. You can take full advantage of facebook.

  • Create a catchy Post:

                                You got a page. Good. Now what you need to do next is that create a really eye catching post for your Cpa Offer. Use good title and a good image. Visual posts are considered to get more audience engagement so you better focus on getting a really colorful image that dominates a person’s news feed.

So this is how you can promote Cpa offers without a website on social media. Just follow these steps and you will be good to go but again a reminder for you that DO NOT forget to research on how facebook pages work. Just don’t go out and spending money on getting likes and clicks. You might end up losing your money.

#3 Craigslist:

How to promote Cpa offers without a website

Ahhh, the good old craigslist. We all know Craigslist is one of the biggest websites in United States. So why not take advantage of those 20 Billion page views per month? This is one of the most untapped way of generating leads and to promote Cpa offers without a website and definitely one of the best ways on how to promote cpa offers without website. In order to generate leads from craigslist, what you need to do is just simply go to the desired section related to what your Cpa offer is.

For example you’re promoting insurance offer. Your best bet would be the financial section. Now you can’t just go there and post whatever you like. You again have to cover up your CPA offers trails and also keep low on spam. Craigslist can smell spam the moment you enter craigslist with the intentions to spam so don’t think that way. Even a single post with an attractive offer can do wonders.

How to cover up you Cpa trials from craigslist? Well it’s pretty simple. If craigslist isn’t allowing you to post your link in your Ad then what you need to do is that you can post your domain link as w w w . m y d o m a I n . c o m , trust me craigslist users understand this easily and will come running to your domain which will obviously be your Cpa offer. So this is my fellows a Free and a Black hat way that I once tried to get traffic on my Cpa offers and it did seriously did wonders for me.


#4 Chat Rooms:

How to promote Cpa offers without a website

This is another untapped black hat method on how to promote Cpa offers without a website and that is promoting Cpa offers in chat rooms. There hundreds, thousands of chat rooms out there and I know so many people doing this trick. What you need to do is that, First of all you should have your Domain set up with your Cpa offers and then you just have to simply promote your URL to different people. Now what you need to understand is that you need to promote relative Cpa offers to the type of chat room you go. For instance you go to a dating chat room so what you need to promote there is Cpa offers related to dating and this is how to promote Cpa offers without a website.

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