7 Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Loss And Regrow Hair

Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Loss And Regrow Hair

7 Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Loss And Regrow Hair. Hair loss has become a common problem among us and every single person faces this. Talking about hair loss has become an everyday conversation topic among us. There are thousand and thousands of hair strands on our head and it is completely normally to lose about 100 a day but when you start to lose more than that it tends to be worrisome.  This progresses  slowly towards baldness especially at the front and we don’t want that! We always talk about natural ways to prevent hair loss and regrow hair with our friends and family and share little tips and tricks that we know, trying to help each other out.

If most of the tips you have tried to do not work for you, look into these natural ways to prevent hair loss and regrow hair and see what you are you not doing right! These tips will help you to solve your problem and show results quicker than any other way.

1) Avoid heat:

Once you avoid using heat on an everyday basis, believe me, 50% of your hair loss problem has been solved. You need to avoid heat if you want to prevent hair loss. The heat and torture we put our hair through damages our hair molecules and dries out hair. Heat takes the life out of your hair. Learn to be confident without having styled your hair every single day and style them only when you really really have to for special occasions.


2) Have a healthy diet and water intake:

One of the best natural ways to prevent hair loss and regrow hair is to maintain a healthy diet if you want good hair and include foods like nuts, milk, eggs, fish and vegetables because they promote hair growth cells. Also make sure you have an intake of more than 9 glasses of water a day. When you are very well hydrated, you hair begins to become shiny and grow at a better rate

3) Check your health:

If you have tried every tip on this earth and are still facing hair loss problems, you need to check with a doctor if you are healthy internally as well. Women especially are not aware of certain medical problems that are quite common and go undiagnosed.  I am talking about problems such as PCOS, Vitamin D deficiency and thyroid problems.  To prevent hair loss, you need to get your tests done and take medications accordingly so that you and you hair are in better health

4) Oiling:

Take on oiling as a habit and something that you have to do 4 times a week. Opt for hot oil massages as they boost circulation in the scalp and you will see the difference in how much hair is falling and growing. You need to oil to prevent hair loss which is such a menace. There are oils out there specially for hair growth such a coconut oil, argain oil and amla. Oiling is proven to be the best natural ways to prevent hair loss and regrow hair.

5) Home treatments:

These remedies greatly help in hair loss prevention. Try to take out time 3 times a week to try home treatments. They are completely natural and also have no side effects. Click here to see more details on home remedies and some more natural ways to prevent hair loss and regrow hair.


6) Trim your hair regularly:

This is important to do in order to prevent hair loss. If you do not go for regular hair trims, you will see that your hair starts forming split ends which thins out your hair and makes them become weak. This results in that hair falling out. To avoid this problem, go for trimming every time you see your hair become dry and dead at the end so that it does not become weak and fall out.

7) Pollution:

We are always exposed to pollution, humidity and dust. Bacteria from these stay in our hair until we don’t wash it. But regular washing damages the hair too so in order to avoid regular washing and to prevent hair loss, keep your hair tied up or covered while you are outdoors. The sun may be good to increase your vitamin D but not good for your hair when it is completely exposed! keep in mind these natural ways to prevent hair loss and regrow hair.

That’s all for now guys. We’ll be coming back with more Do It Yourself Beauty Tips for you. Make sure to share Us.