7 Test Anxiety Strategies For College Students

test anxiety strategies for college students

Okay guys so today we will be talking about some test anxiety strategies for college students. Since I myself am a college student, so it’s nothing new for us to face anxiety before giving a test or an interview or what so ever. It is totally natural for a person to feel stressed out before the big day arrives. Well fear no more cause I will be sharing some of the best test anxiety strategies for college students. Let’s dive right into it..

1) Listen to the music that boosts you up:

Listen to music. If you liked a new song in your friends car or on the internet and your work stress is stopping you from listening to it then don’t hold back. Listen to it. It will definitely help you fix up that mood of yours and even motivate you to study even harder. This is my #1 test anxiety strategies for college students.


2) Go for a quick walk:

If you don’t feel like pushing yourself more to study then don’t. The world isn’t ending. Go out, take a walk. See what the world is up to. This is one of the best test anxiety strategies for college students that you shouldn’t be missing.

3) Get enough sleep:

Are you sleep deprived? Well if you are then it is definitely going to be a hurdle for you in maintaining your focus on your studies and in result you will have to deal with loads of anxiety. Get yourself enough sleep. Don’t think that you can stay up for straight 2 days and still expect your mind to focus. If you’re having problems with sleep, I suggest you check This out.

4) Study according to your plan:

Try managing your time. If you’re a management student then you know exactly what I mean. Don’t just sit all the time and study study study. Make a proper schedule for yourself. Manage your time accordingly with routine. You don’t have to cut out on your extra co curricular activities. Making a plan is one of the best test anxiety strategies for college students if your learn to manage your time.

5) Give your mind rest and space:

Give yourself enough time to think about yourself. Think about your life, what goes around you. Let your mind observe something other than just a book. Give your mind a break from all that stressed out studying. Relax for a while. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and sit down and think about how you can make your life even better than it already is. And most of all, be thankful for everything you have.


6) Have dark chocolates:

Ahhhhh, Chocolate. Dark chocolate is medically proven to fix up your mood. Whenever you feel that now is the time you cant take it anymore, just grab yourself a chocolate bar and see wonders happen to your mood. This might sound really funny but I personally know a lot of people who just get high on chocolate, Especially women.

7) Focus, do not distract:

Lastly, don’t let anything distract you when it is time for your study. It is highly recommended that you put your god damn phone on silent and put that piece o crap away. I told you so many test anxiety strategies for college students all of them were about how to relax your mind with not studying but when it is actually time to study. You study!! Nothing should be bugging you cause you have everything off your mind already by following the above 6 steps and now it’s time to follow the 7th.