Travel Essentials Checklist For Women

makeup essentials for travel

Travelling overseas is everyone’s favorite time of the year and that’s where Travel Essentials Checklist For Woment play an important role. It’s when family and friends gather for quality time and spend the day’s sight-seeing, trying out food and just enjoying. It’s no big deal that during such a time we forget to take care of ourselves because of the excitement. That leaves you with not looking as good as you want throughout your vacation and your pictures would show that too. That’s why we have some Travel Essentials Checklist For Woment so that you can enjoy yourselves and look good at the same time!

1) BB cream:

#1 Travel Essentials Checklist For Woment is BB Cream. You don’t expect to wear heavy duty foundation while you are on vacation and at the beach or Disneyland! Wearing foundation for that long is downright damaging for your skin and can also be very annoying. Carry a BB cream with you instead. It’ll give you coverage, make you look more awake and you won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything on your face.


2) Face cleanser:

Then the #2 make essentials for travel is Face Cleanser. This is a must have thing to pack when travelling overseas. Because ypu’ll be having more exposure to the sun, pollution and dirt it means you’ll need to cleanse your face twice every day. Preferably late afternoon and at night before going to sleep to get the days dirt off. If you don’t cleanse and have dirt on your face, it’ll damage your skin.

3) Epilator/tweezers:

Girls, you don’t have the time to find a salon in your locality and spend 2 hours sitting there getting your waxing and eyebrows done. You’re there for a holiday! If you feel the need to, use your epilator and tweezers. They get the job done in lesser time and save costs. Dont forget to include this in your Travel Essentials Checklist For Woment.

4) Dry shampoo:

This is a must have Travel Essentials Checklist For Woment. Since you have lots of places to cover up and go sight-seeing, you wouldn’t want to spend 30-40 minutes showering and then another hour to do your hair. Skip a day or two when it comes to washing your hair and use dry shampoo instead. It’ll keep the oil away and add volume as well

5) Deodorant/fragrances:

You can’t walk around smelling like sweat all day! You have to pack deodorant or any fragrances when travelling and spritz some on yourself every now and then. Make sure you pick your best fragrances and include them in your Travel Essentials Checklist For Woment.


6) Mascara:

Since you won’t be able to pack all your eye makeup, this is the one of the Travel Essentials Checklist For Woment. Mascara makes you look more awake and gives your eyes a bigger look. Even if you don’t have any other makeup on your face but do have mascara, you’ll automatically look more fresh and alert. Who doesn’t love long thick lashes though?

7) Lip balm:

Just as your body and face need to be moisturized daily, so do your lips. The skin of the lips is more sensitive. When you have your lips exposed to the sun they’ll get dry and crack too. They are uncomfortable to have. To avoid this carry a lip balm with you around and reapply the whole day. My personal choice is Vaseline as its heavier than the rest and once application on the lips does the work for the whole day.

That’s all for now guys. We’ll be coming back with more Do It Yourself Beauty Tips for you. Make sure to share Us.